Echolac was founded in Japan in 1964, and developed the world's first ABS attaché case in 1965.Still today after more than 50 years, Echolac embodies the spirit of fine manufacturing with the incredible attention to beauty, elegance, detail, precision and quality that is true to the brands’ heritage.
We at Echolac believe that the perhaps most important key to human evolution, growth, joy and adaptation is the free exchange of human culture and experience on this Earth. We have a long history of travel, and of opening ourselves to new cultures, new ideas, new methods, and therefore new inspiration. This helps us all get a lot closer to realising our full potential, and just makes life a lot more fun. We act on that belief.
  • Polyester fabric is used to make this backpack because it is thin, flexible, leightweight and scruff resistant.
  • The bag is perfect for everyday use, travel, and shopping thanks to its attractive appearance, simple construction, and fashionable design.
  • The interior of the front pocket is spacious enough to accommodate your belongings as well as daily necessities like your purse, phone, and keys. Seperate pocket for carring a laptop.
  • The Backpack stylish design simple construction, along with its attractive look and color, make it ideal for daily uses, travel as well as shopping.
  • Backpack size - 14.5 Inch (37H x 24W x 11D cm) 0.7 kg.