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Lojel Cubo

Lojel was founded by  Chih Chang Chiang in Japan in 1989.  Chih Chang Chiang started working in the luggage industry at the age of 21, using a simple sewing machine to make leather bags and then selling his Lojel Luggage on the market in Japan. Today, Lojel has been a global brand with its unique design and exceptional craftsmanship.  Lojel aims to enrich the lives of new generation travellers. Lojel‘s vision is focused on the wayfarer’s experiece and designing from the perspective of customers.
Pera is Lojel's authorised distributor in Australian. We are a Melbourne based luggage, backpacks, and handbags distributor established in 2010, we currently operate 18 luggage stores under the umbrella of Peraluggage and GBags banner, around Victoria, NSW and QLD throughout major shopping centres and DFO. 
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Pera is an AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR of LOJEL products in Australia.
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