Warranty Claims

All product specifications, sizes, volumes and weights that are advertised on our website, are as per the manufacturer's written advice, tags and promotional material.

Every product you purchase from PERA comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty that covers manufacturing defects or faults. Warranty periods differ for different products and brands.   The warranty period start from the purchase date on your receipt.

Warranties do not cover wear and tear, misuse, or damage from airlines and other carriers. 

If a problem occurs with your purchase within its warranty period, you can contact PERA for assistance, and your product can be returned to us for assessment of the fault at your cost.   You can also contact the manufacturer or Authorised Service Centres for help with the issue. If covered by the warranty, the fault will be repaired, and the item returned to you free of charge. In the case that no repair is possible, the item will be replaced or refunded.


Airline Damage

If your bag is damaged whilst in the care of an airline, they are generally responsible for the repair or replacement of the bag.

We recommend that you check over your bag when retrieving it from a baggage carousel. If there is any damage, you should report it to the airline’s Baggage Services desk before leaving the airport. Be sure to take some photos of the damage and obtain a reference number from Baggage Services. If you only notice the damage after leaving the airport, it can be reported later, however, most airlines have reporting time limits.

PERA is not an authorised repair centre and as such we cannot carry out repairs and we don’t stock spare parts for our suppliers’ products.  If you are looking for an item to be repaired or spare parts, you can either contact the manufacturer directly or visit your nearest Authorised Service Centre.