ACE ZIPPY Tote Small




A simple and slim designed tote bag with a removable notebook PC case, making it easy to carry peripherals, and suitable for remote work or carrying around the office. It also meets the increasing environmental awareness, using recycled materials for the main fabric and interior fabric.
● Can accommodate a 13.3-inch notebook PC (reference storage dimensions: W31×H22×D2.5cm)
● Removable PC case can be attached to the main compartment of the bag with hooks. It has the same color as the bag, giving a unified and fashionable look.
● VIRTECT® Pocket uses fabric with antivirus and antibacterial processing for the open pocket, making it perfect for storing masks or disinfectants.
● Organizer pocket for storing small items.
● Card holder that can be detached and worn with a strap. It can hold not only commuter passes but also earphones and other items.
● Back pocket for easy access.
● Bottle holder for storing items such as water bottles and foldable umbrellas.


Size W36×H28×D11 cm
Materials Recycled nylon 100x200 denier twill/PU processed/PU synthetic leather.
Country of Origin CH